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On-premises v19.4 internal users email requirement

Simon 2 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 2 years ago 1

The technical bulletin posted on September 3 said that "Starting with an upcoming build of 2019.4, all internal users will be required to have an email address associated with their account" and "In 2010.4 [sic] if you edit an internal user, you’ll be required to enter an email address in order to save your changes."

But I just updated my on-premises installation to v19.4.25542.7214 (stable) and it seems that I can still create users while leaving the email field blank.

So I'd like to know whether (a) I misinterpreted that announcement since the requirement was never meant to apply to on-premises installations, but only to cloud ones; or (b) it was meant to apply to both on-premises and cloud installations, but it wasn't introduced in this version — it will however be introduced in another build of v19.4 or a future version.

Is it (a) or (b)?

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Hi Simon, 

As of 19.4, it is still possible to create a user without an email address. Cloud partners that create a user without an associated email address will see a non-dismissible modal prompting for an email address if that user does not have another form of 2FA enabled. As of 19.5, on-prem and cloud partners will be required to enter an email address when creating a new user.