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Performance Problems 19.4

Karama 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 0

So i am having a problem on both my laptop and desktop using 19.4. In many of my guest sessions the graphics seem to "smear" is the best way to put it, or Windows become unresponsive.  My laptop and desktop are running completely different hardware.  This happens in guest sessions that are on different networks, different hardware, different versions of Windows doesn't make a difference.  For example i am logged into Server 2016 Essentials, they have Comcast internet 150/25.  I have Fiber on my end 300/100. The server has an NVIDIA 710 Video Card, i have an NVIDIA 1070 in my Desktop.   It's acting as if i am on dial up.  I tried blanking the monitor made no difference.  When i move a window (when it lets me) it's acting like i am walking in Quicksand, just slowly smearing across the session window.  This wasn't a problem 2 days ago when i was on 19.3 latest update of 19.3.  And yes i have already tried various troubleshooting.

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