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MacOS Catalina Can't Connect

Matrix 7 2 years ago updated by Simon 1 year ago 9

Hi Guys,

A client upgraded their Mac to Catalina and when creating a Support Session, you can't connect to their machine. The downloaded app runs without issue and shows ready for connection in the Sessions list, but when you try and connect to the device, the app crashes and you're disconnected straight away. Tried on multiple occasions and created multiple different sessions.

We're using the latest eligible version - 19.4.25542.7214

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I am also having this problem intermittently with Catalina users.

Connecting to Catalina users shows blank screen.
Also there is no thumbnail preview.

This happened to me too. The only way I could fix it was by manually granting Screen Recording for the guest client on the Catalina device (go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording).

This is the correct fix

After setting Screen Recording, still no thumbnail preview.


Show thumbnail with the newest version with Screen Recording set.

It works as long as everything is up-to-date

I had to remote into 4 Mac Catalina systems today.  The first one would not work at all.  But then I found what Simon commented with, once the user checked the boxes for Accessibility and Screen Recording, then I got past the black screen.  But still no mouse control.

Next I told the user to close System Pref, I disconnected from the session, restarted the same session, had them go back to System Pref / Screen Recording and it was there but UNCHECKED.  I had them check that box again, then I gained full access.  So going out of the session and restarting the same session finally worked on the remaining 3 computers.  CRAZY.

i’ve found that ticking and unticking the Accessibility box is sometimes necessary. Other measures I’ve taken include restarting the macOS device (guest side) and disconnecting and reconnecting (host side) as you mentioned.