Blank guest monitor actually blanks host monitor

adam.connor 2 years ago updated by Mike Jones 1 year ago 14

Server is Centos 7

Clients are Macs

This is a new bug since v19.2

I'll try to verify if it is affecting clients 

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Same here.

Windows 10 Pro connecting to multiple macOS devices (mostly iMacs). All them experience the same behavior. This happened after the latest update of the clients. Please fix this ASAP.

ok in a quick test I found that somehow Connectwise has linked the behaviour of the host screen with the client screen, 

ie. I have 'blank guest monitor' set to activate on connection to a remote client.

So when I open up a session, both the client monitor and my own host window come up with the 'Servicemax is fixing this machine' message. 
Turning off 'blank guest monitor' turns it off for both sides- it does not appear to be possible now to turn it off for the client only

They really messed up with this release and the displays. I also can only see 1 monitor. Although it recognizes the correct amount of monitors of the remote device you can only see the primary monitor.

Hay Manuel if you are experiencing this bug please give it a vote- more votes = fixed quicker

Its been a month and this issue still persist.

It also happens in Windows devices with multiple screens (or at least it has happened with 2 different W10 workstations with 2 monitors). Dont know if its a separate issue.

Any udpates?

Yours is the first new report I've heard of it happening on Windows machines. Are both the host and guest clients up to date?


A fix for this just went to QA, and should be in 19.5.

Im still having the same issue. Im still on the latest stable version 19.4. I see theres a 19.5.25838.7256 - Preview. Is that the only way to test if its fixed? When do you expect to be a stable version of 19.5? I havent done it before but I see that theres a backup done before upgrading. If I encounter any mayor issues with this or any other Preview version. can I easily roll back?

Yes, just make a backup copy of your server installation folder. If you want to be extra cautious, you could disable client auto updates also, and just upgrade one Mac client to test.

I think a stable release is on track for early next week. (Of course, that depends on whether any new issues show up this week.)

I have been using the update/preview for about a day and no issues so far.

I am also seeing some odd behavior. The server is a Windows 2012 R2, clients are Macs. The message displayed while the Blanks screen is toggled on is not text wrapping & not taking the text/background color settings into effect.

Im still experiencing this issue in some cases. I think its usually when the host computer has more than 1 monitor. In this case for example its running W10, GeForce GT 740 and 3 monitors.

Anyone else having issues with multi-monitor setups?

Why is this a thing we need to vote on? Should this not be a major bug in an intended feature? If I want to block the screen so the user can't see what I'm doing what good does it do to also blank my screen?

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