Blank screen(s) with multiple monitors macOS

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Updated all of the clients today and now I cannot see any additional monitors. The users I am connecting to are using macOS 10.14.6. This was not happening on the previous ScreenConnect version. Also, the one screen that is working does not consistently refresh. I have one user that clearly has windows open but I see desktop icons. Any help would be nice as all of my employees work remote and my hands are tied.

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Also, the on focus or mouse click does not line up with anything. I cannot click anything where I want it and yields itself unusable.

Not sure if this is related but I am having trouble viewing remote screens even if there is only one screen.

Server- Centos

Clients- Windows 10, Mac OS X v13.5

Host - Mac OS 14.6

This is a new bug in CWC v19.4

You can see in the image that it thinks the session is connected

More info- when the system is unresponsive like this, clicking the close button (you left red dot) does nothing.

to get out of the session, you have to quit the host software

It happens to MacOS 10.13.6 as well.
The right screen was blank, can only see one screen.

Same here. Please fix this ASAP.

I also have this issue. 10.13.6

Please ignore my post from 2 days ago- I've verified that it isn't the same bug and I've started another.

However- I have experienced this bug as well. Multi monitor support isn't a huge issue for me right now, but it is important!

So, there was an update today. Nothing is fixed in regard to this issue. Still cannot see multiple monitors and the on focus of the mouse is not happening along with troubled to no page refresh. Geez, I guess you get what you pay for. Logmein is so expensive but never has as many issues as Screenconnect.

Yeah sounds familiar. We are also experiencing horizontal lines on the second screen. This is a right pain.

When is this getting resolved?

Hi All, 

We're actively investigating and working on this issue. 


I'm glad to hear you guys are working on this. Sadly this bit us HARD today as we just upgraded last night to 19.4 due to the issue announced yesterday for click once. We had NO IDEA such a serious bug existed for Mac agents in 19.4 or we would have not upgraded the agents. With over 1,200 Macs under our management and care, this is a BIG DEAL for us.

Please keep us all posted on the progress for this fix. It can't come soon enough!!

Any update on this? We can't help any of our Mac clients right now because of this issue as all of them have secondary screens. Any compensation to this as our SLAs are breaching heavily due to this bug.

Upgraded to 19.4.25666 and still not fixed. Any updates?

It's been two weeks since this started. It would be useful to get regular updates from Connectwise that we can pass on to our clients... it looks and is extremely unprofessional to have to continue to say 'you will know when I know, and right now I don't know anything except it doesn't work'. Be forthright and tell us what is going on to fix this; we are not a bunch of dolts who don't understand that there are issues time to time; but you need to be professional about this as well, and that is not the case right now.


can I just add here, that it isn't just the second screen that's affected. On two of my machines this has caused all sorts of desktop refresh issues when in a session. Windows disappearing, not fully appearing, page peeling down the screen. It is barely usable.

When will it be fixed?

Why was it changed from a working product to this, and who did the QA on this new build? Fire them!!

I agree the responses from technical are slow and not very informative. This 'Dev Team' that they keep on quoting, do they actually exist?????

Since moving from On premise to cloud we have seen a lot of problems.

This is now becoming a pain!

Just updated my agents and it does not appear to be fixed. Still experiencing everything mentioned in this thread.

My console isn't offering that update yet. My sessions are still on  19.4.25666.7235

but I can see both screens in the graphic of the clients on my console. Does everyone get that?

I can see all screens on the thumbnail but not when I connect a session.

I've just reinstalled a client and it hasn't changed the build number..how do we get this update?

For cloud partners, manually update your instance to the latest hotfix by going to your cloud.screenconnect.com page and under Actions, click Upgrade. You'll want to upgrade to build 19.4.25699. 

On-prem partners can download the latest here.

All clear on our end. Thanks for the hard work and follow up as you guys can!


It fixed the problem for me. 

ok that's fixed the screen issue..have to check with the weird mouse and window issues. Thanks Caitlin

The issue has been resolved. Thanks for getting this fixed.

When there is an issue of this magnitude in the future it would be good practice to keep your user base updated as to what is going on to fix it; perhaps every couple of days, if for no other reason than to let us know that it continues to be worked on. There were times during this event that we were not sure if there was ongoing work or attention to fixing it; I'm not saying there wasn't work being done, I'm saying I did not know and couldn't reliably update MY user base.  This is a communication process fix that you should put into place.


Confirming this is resolved via the latest release. Not the one previously posted in this message.

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