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Control Custom Theme Text Color Issue

Stephen Molock 2 years ago updated by hero 1 year ago 4


I am not sure exactly when this started but some of the text in the page has changed to white after a recent update and it is difficult to see. It is mostly when we join a session, create a new session or install access. It also happens when we hover over options after right-clicking a computer. When a guest goes to our website to join it also has this issue. "Join with a code" is also an off-white instead of the orange it was before

Version: 19.3.25169.7170

ConnectWise Control Version:
Server Affected:
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Guest Client Affected:

Yeah, it seems an update has wrecked the themes. Fonts have been changed so I've have to change to an off-brand standard theme that doesn't really look great... 

It looks like it isn't just custom themes either as multiple themes seem to suffer with this, with the Shell themes completely removing the bottom left hand corner icon that allows you to change your password, manage the toolbox etc. 

Hoping for a quick resolution to this as the front end doesn't look great now. 


Our 'Messages' text is invisible now, it's the same color as the background color. We are on update 19.4.25542.7214


We're having the same problem... and it seemed to get worse this week, we can no longer see our own chat responses in the chat interface, had to revert to the default theme... so the control site no longer matches our web site's colors...but at least we can work. 


This is causing a major problems for us. its been 5 months, there has been several releases since this was reported. 
Are we anywhere near a solution? 
feel free to contact me if you need a beta site.