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Restoring from minimize resets to center monitor

Tim ODonnell 2 years ago updated by TechCare 2 years ago 2

1. Have three monitors (in horizontal arrangement with center as primary) on Windows 10

2. Open a Connectwise remote client session

3. Move client window to a side monitor (resized so that it is fully contained in that monitor)

4. Minimize remote client

5. Restore remote client

Client window restores to previous location on side monitor.

Client window restores to centered location on center monitor

Somehow doesn't seem to affect my 4th monitor...

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Hhaving the same issue with 3 monitors in a T. I can minimize a session and when pulling back up it snaps the monitor 1 resized to the screen.

This happens on 2 monitors as well. 

Host is Windows machine running v19.4 (latest). Connect to any guest. Move to 2nd screen. Click minimise. Then click to open again, the guest will open up on the primary monitor.