Unread message dot does not show up next to session group after 19.3 update

Colin Bischoff 2 years ago updated by Gerald 2 years ago 8

Updated from 19.0.23665.7058 to 19.3.25270.7185. We have our clients sorted out in session groups for each location. When a client messages us using the chat feature, we used to get a blue dot next to the session group but now this does not show up. The message indicator is still present next to the computer object but we have no way of knowing a message is waiting unless we go through the list to see this.

I did create a new session group with the following session filter:

UnacknowledgedEventCount > 0

Strangely this group does show the new message indicator. I tried creating a new session group and any other new groups seem to not show this indicator. 

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Can you explain to me how this is not a bug? Has this been fixed in a later release since this is broken in this release? The unread message notification is not consistent in at all. Sometimes they dont show up at all, other times they appear and never clear. Attached is a screenshot showing that the unread messages group does not have any unread messages, the computer does not have an unread message (the indicator next to the computer has cleared out), yet the subgroup still shows the message indicator. The parent group never showed the message indicator. Again, this all worked properly in the 19.0 release. 

Known issue

Hi Colin, 

Sorry for the confusion here, we had our statuses messed up. This is actually a known bug, and something we're actively investigating.

Hello Dev team. This issue has been going on for a couple months now and I want to make sure it is being taken seriously. One of our primary ways that we communicate with our clients is through the chat tool. When it isn't working properly, it is like our phones are down. Can we please get an update and some assurance that the matter is being addressed?


This is fixed in 19.5, which just went to preview today.

Thank you for the response. What is the typical time between a release going to preview and it being moved to stable?

If there are no show-stoppers, about a week.

Great, thank you again Eric.

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