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mendellowy 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 4

self hosting environment:
on the mobile app after entering the 2 factor code it takes you back to the login screen, it keeps going through this cycle without allowing you to ever login. i suspect something was messed up on the web.config file can't pinpoint it.

ConnectWise Control Version:
Server Affected:
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Hi mendellowy, 

What app version, device, and device OS/version are you using? Are you noticing it on non-mobile as well?

it's only on mobile, android (i believe iOS too though not 100%), using the android connectwise control app from the app store, (on windows chrome it works perfectly). I had the problem with like 4 versions behind, i just upgraded to the latest stable version, hoping it'll fix it, it did not.

Hmm, ok. Have you tried a complete uninstall and reinstall of the app, as opposed to just upgrading? Also wondering if it has something to do with your 2FA. Which 2FA provider are you using?