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Toolbox Responsive Sizing Issue

Cameron 2 years ago 0

Just got off of the chat with support and they told me to add this here. This has been an issue for quite a few versions now but I figured it would be fixed by now and I can't remember when it started. Maybe it's not a bug, but in my opinion, it is and it's very annoying.

ScreenClip [1].png

In ScreenClip.png you'll notice how the Toolbox is a normal, easy to use size...with 7 enough room for 7 files at the moment in it's view.

In ScreenClip[1].png you'll see that when I go into a folder that has only one or two folders/files inside of it the responsive design of the views makes it extremely difficult to navigate. I shouldn't have to scroll to get to a second folder or file inside of the tiny window when it was just big enough to fit 7 things in its view.

Hopefully, that makes sense and I can expand on it if needed but I think that gets the point across fairly well.

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