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font suddenly white

dave 2 years ago updated by Sean White 2 years ago 2

Since upgrading to version 7170 the highlight font color is white, which is exactly the same color as the box it is in. An example of this is when right-clicking on a connected device, the menu is fine until you mouse over an item but the item box and the text both turn white when hovering over it. The same goes for the dialog box that appears after making a selection. If I select Reinstall I get a box that looks like some random text on a white sheet of paper. No confirmation button is visible. But since I know where the button is I hover over it and the border becomes opaque. But still no text. It was all fine until I installed the latest version earlier today.

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Still "under review?" This is a serious issue with major usability implications. Exactly when do you imagine you'll look into this? Here's a screenshot of what my customers are shown when they go to my remote site. Do you think this is acceptable? I don't. Fix it now!

Hey Dave,

Do you have the Custom Theme Manager extension installed? If so, do the missing UI elements display if you change to a default theme?