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ConnectWise gets stuck on "Joining your session" screen

Dtray 2 years ago 0

We are unable to connect with my windows 7 pc.  ConnectWise has worked fine on this pc up until about a month ago.  Now it gets stuck on the "joining your session" screen.  We have tried everything from using the Url Launch option to completely removing the software and installing the newest version.  However, we were able to get it to work on a windows 10 pc.  Below is the error that we are getting.

System.InvalidOperationException: Message must be type ScreenConnect.HandshakeMessage but was ScreenConnect.EndPointStatusMessage

at ScreenConnect.MessageSerializer.Deserialize(BinaryReader reader, Type requireBaseClass)

at ScreenConnect.EndPointManager.ReceiveMessage(BinaryReader reader, Type requiredBaseMessageType)

at ScreenConnect.SocketEndPointManager.RunIncomingThread(ThreadSharedState threadSharedState)

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