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Blank Screen when GPU is installed

Quackmeister 2 years ago updated by dlh2009 8 months ago 4

Just installed a brand new Z2 HP Workstation. Specs are i7, 16gb of ram, Quadro p620 2gb, m.2 256 ssd and 1tb hdd.

When connecting to the computer the screen appears to be blank/black but the mouse and keyboard are still working as you can see you inputs from the guest screenshot window. From further testing, if there is no gpu installed, screen connect has no issues connecting to this computer.

Reinstalling the Screenconnect client is no use, lower quality does nothing, backend connection works fine, blanking the guest monitor does nothing and changing the resolution does nothing.

I can go back onsite to remove the gpu, but i would like to keep it in there so i wanted to find out if anyone had any alternative solutions. I had some ideas about enabling the intel display adapter along side the gpu as screenconnect may use the intel platform as its display rather than the gpu.

Any assistance will be greatly appriciated.

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Same problem for me.  Not seeing any fixes, nor anyone from Screenconnect acknowledging the issue.

We're experiencing a similar problem with NVIDIA Quadro P2200 using the latest Nvidia driver versions (441.28 and 441.66) on several Windows 10 (build 10.0.18363) systems (ie, all that we have this card installed in).

In our case, screenconnect (19.4.25666.7235) does work, but only when a monitor is connected to the Quadro card. If the system is running headless, screenconnect remains blank (gray).

We also have this issue. The computer has a discrete video card and it always blocks out the remote rather than the local screen. 

Client Version:19.6.26378.7317

NVIDIA Quadro P1000

In our case, ConnectWise Control 21.3.2160.7699, Windows 10 Professional 10.0.19042.804, NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030, 32 GBs of RAM, 256 GB SSD, and 32 TBs of platter drive space. The "gray screen" on the "console" session goes away only when a monitor is hooked up to the computer. If it runs headless, the issue happens again.