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When connecting from a Mac Guest to a Windows Host, sessions often lose the ability to send keystrokes

David Chaplin-Loebell 2 years ago 0

We use the integrated version of Connectwise Control that is part of Connectwise Automate (our instance is hosted by Connectwise).  When connecting from a Mac guest to a Windows host, I often lose the ability to type into the remote session.  Mouse control works fine, so guest input generally isn't suspended.  Disconnecting and reconnecting always resolves the problem.  

I have not found conditions to consistently reproduce this issue, but it happens often; I'd say 50% of the sessions I initiate from my Mac eventually have to be disconnected and reconnected to restore the ability to type.  The Mac guest is running Mojave (the issue also occurred when I was running High Sierra). The host sessions are to Windows computers running Windows 7, Windows Server 2012, and Windows Sever 2016.  (I have no reason to believe this doesn't happen on other versions of Windows, those are just the versions I connect to most often).

The issue seems to happen more often if the session has been left idle for a bit, or if the guest client has been placed into the background, but that's not consistent-- this morning I had it happen in a session that had not been left idle or placed into the background and had been open for less than 60 seconds.  But a test session to the same host computer that I opened while composing this post has not exhibited the problem despite being both placed into the background and left idle for several minutes.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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