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Timeline View crashes web interface

iKnowTech 2 years ago updated by Eric Davis 2 years ago 2

Seeing issues on 3 different On Premise Control installations where frequently Timeline view for Access Hosts will crash the browser, happens on all major browser versions.   Seeing this on two instances of the most recent version of Control (currently 19.1) as well as on older instance on 6.7.

Issue can really be compounded on say a device that might be in a boot loop and is just rebooting over and over.    I think all the entries in the Timeline database make it so that the browser isn't capable of loading all the data to render the timeline.   

Browser will prompt for Stop or Wait, but if you Stop and don't quickly move off the Timeline it will just crash the browser again.   Since once your in timeline view it stays there until you go to another view, if your browsing through timelines on devices to get a visual of what might be happening at a site, then suddenly you hit a device that just freezes the browser entirely, which also seems to affect overall performance of the server and web interface for other users.

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We experience the same issue on clients that seem to have a corrupted installation, the issue happens on systems that reconnect every 2-3 minutes even though the system is online during this time.


This is a known issue, but I agree that we should handle these edge cases better. I reopened the corresponding ticket and will see if it gets any traction.