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Black Screen on Guest Mac

lsnover 2 years ago updated by adam.connor 1 year ago 9
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I have a number of machines that I connect to that were working fine.   Now, all I get is a black screen when I connect.   Happens whether user is logged in or not.   One is an "Access" type connection, the other is a "support" type connection.  Tried reinstalling client and issue continues.   Using version 6.9 on MacBook for access and version 6.9 on iMacs are the machines I'm attempting to connect to.   This is quite annoying.

Having a similar issue. Only works when an external monitor is plugged in

We've recently started having this issue as well.  So far its only been with one computer.  On the latest version (19.1.24.x) on a Macbook Pro running Mojave.

I cant see the screen when remoting into a mac os mojave device.... 

Hi Robert, 

Have you followed these steps to grant access? Unfortunately, access needs to be granted from the physical Mac machine the first time due to limitations put in place by Apple. 

Mojave requires special security settings

I've had that issue in the past and fixed it by going to system preferences > security & privacy > privacy tab. On left pane click "screen recording" and screenconnect/screenwise client should appear on right pane. Tick the checkmark on and that should fix it.

why is this still an issue? Other products like gotoassist don’t seem to have this limitation. It’s rare we support a Mac but it’s inconvenient when we do. 

@Austin this is an Apple Operating System restriction and it happens with all remote support products