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Linux server, Mac Clients, Linux client

adam.connor 2 years ago 0

1. Linux clients appear unable to be updated, as per


2. Mac clients appear to be able to connect to themselves, which results in a loop that you can't escape if you have auto screen blanking turned on. I just had to rescue a customer who was using this undocumented feature

3. Linux clients with certain modifications appear to spew error messages until the memory is full and crashes the client. These are java error about 'wake lock' and 'blank guest monitor'.
Granted this is connecting to a Raspberry Pi, but I suspect one error message of each type is enough.

4. Mac remote support sessions can't use copy & paste properly- this used to work without issues, and is a serious problem

5. My most serious problem is this-

I've updated my Linux install several times in the last few months while the relay address has been set to a new URL. Last week I re-used the old URL, assuming all the clients had been updated to use the new one. Over the next few days, about 3/4 of the machines dropped off and could not be contacted. I spent hours on this including at least 2 unsuccessful interactions with support, until I redirected the DNS back in frustration and the agents came back online.
It could have saved both you and me hours of work if your product had logs
Of course I'd prefer that bug didn't exist, but logs would have helped immensely 

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