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Set default name, use session name as code and auto join

joel 2 years ago 0

I already created a suppoort case for this and was advised to put in a bug report here. the support case is Ticket#11822259/

You guys created this as the extention “Legacy Public Session Creation” for me but this stopped working in the latest update.
the auto join joins as the guest instead of host and the name creation is not working anymore either.
According to the support ticket "The extension is not an 'official' extension, and isn't something that is considered supported (it doesn't go through QA/testing with new versions). However, we did create this extension back after version 6.3 was released, due to the issues you mentioned with the extra clicks on session creation. I have requested our development team to take a look at getting an update released for this extension, and they said they can definitely do so"
I would love for you guys to get this working again!
Please do keep me posted

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