Control Client flashes and crashes after connecting to an RDS user session that gets locked

Joshua A. Szántó 2 years ago updated by Eric Davis 2 years ago 6

This behavior occurs when someone connects to an RDP session, then locks their local machine. Then, if you try to connect to that session over Control, you see the border flashes and the client become non-responsive. Must terminate the Control Client via Task Manager. Restarting the Control Agent service may be required to get anything to show up in the Control Client after the first occurrence (reconnecting to the same server/Control Agent).

Reference ticket #11836937

Was told a fix is underway but unknown ETA.

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This significantly impacts technicians who are trying to support RDS environments.


We are reproducing a similar issue by only logging off of the remote guest console on RDS servers while Joshua is describing problems when RDP sessions go idle.

Our issue is that we are able to establish a Control session to the console session of a Windows Server 2016 RDS Session Host no problem, but are then confronted with a gray screen if we press Start > Log Off within the active Control session on the 2016 RDS Session Host (The technician’s computer is never locked to be clear). The Control session then hangs on "Logging Off" in this case and does not display the login screen again. If a new Control session is started it will only display a gray screen. Restarting the Control service on the 2016 Session Host does not help.

With Control still at the gray screen, we can then log in from the VMWare console of the 2016 Server and after logging in successfully we will see a "username is connected to your computer" message generated by Control even though the Control console session is still stuck on a grey screen. After a few minutes of this Control may suddenly display the contents of the logged in console user's screen without further interaction.

Can we have an update on this? We have been reaching out for an update for many weeks (every week) with no status updates on this. This is highly impacting!!

Adding an up-vote here. This is a critical need for our organization as we have over a dozen Cloud only clients. We do not support local workstations for these.

@Joshua - The response I received from Support about this was as recent as yesterday 5:00pm EST ". Our development team is working on getting a fix put in as a high priority issue, and it is working its way through the development cycle/process now. "


Apologies for the delay. A fix for the freezing/crash is in QA now, and will be in 19.2 soon.


(Was fixed in 19.2.24567)

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