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URL Launch from FireFox 66.0.3 Not Working

phils 2 years ago updated by dakruhm 11 months ago 28

When launching ConnectWise Automate Web or Control web consoles, "Control" button doesn't launch the installed application and instead attempts to force re-download of the app.

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Does it download because the attempt at launching times out?

Other cases of this behavior that I've seen boiled down to a large database, which was slowing everything down.

Did you ever find a solution to this? I have the same problem.

I am having the same issue as well. On Firefox 67.0.2. Happens on multiple computers with Firefox, works fine in Chrome but using Chrome is not a solution. The URLLaunch will timeout and go to the next option which is the exe installer, really slows everything down.

Anyone find a solution to this?

Same problem here, granted the database is pretty huge and slow, but it works perfectly in chrome every time. In Firefox it works occasionally but more often than not it times out on URL launch.

I'm on Firefox 67.0.3

Still having this issue, currently on Firefox 68. Having over a hundred downloads and having to reinstall screenconnect on my local computer every time I need to start a session is becoming a huge hindrance.

Any updates to this?

They recommend Edge (useless) or Chrome (error prone). There's a reason why I use Firefox to begin with, and a debug would be nice. 

A workaround I've been doing (because I can't get Firefox to render fonts correctly for my bad eyesight anyways) is to use Brave. Its Chrome-based but seems to be less resource intensive and error prone. Also has some nice blocking features built in for general browser use.

I get the same issue - we have two SC instances, and one will work fine when the other doesn't (one has many computers, the other doesn't). In some instances I'll be able to launch one session on one specific machine fine, and then it won't work for 5-10 minutes, and then will work fine again.

I looked at one of these cases recently, and it appears to be an intermittent bug in Firefox's custom protocol handling. Haven't found a workaround yet, but I'll keep you all posted.

I'm getting the same issue in Firefox, I'm on version 69.0

I have to reinstall every time just to open a session..... I do not want to use Chrome. At all.

This issue started months ago and has gotten worse with updates.  At first it only happened couple of times a day, now pretty much every time a host is connected to.  We are supporting more then 400 computers using this software and it is very time consuming issue.  This happens in both Firefox and Chrome.  Has anyone found a fix for this?  I contacted support they directed me to this thread? Really

We have an on-prem Control server and are having the same issue. My techs who use firefox as the primary browser are having this issue as well. Any time I patch Control I have the techs uninstall Control, launch in Chrome to install, then go back to Firefox. It seems to help fix the issue half the time.

What is the status on this? having the same issue with Google Chrome....6 months without updates? 

This is happening for me not only on Firefox but also Chrome, Edge and Edge Beta.  This REALLY inconveniences a person who must log on to multiple machines per day.
The problem started for me when I had to replace my hard drive and reinstall Windows and all apps.  Before that it was working fine. You would think--7 months later--the software engineers would have a solution to this problem!

Any update? Having the same issue here with an onprem instance supporting 2000ish clients

Mine simply started working again after a few days.  No idea why.  And during the time that it wasn't working it WAS working for my co-worker.  

Mine's still not working - firefox 72.0.2 (64-bit) :( Chrome & Edge work fine, but FF is my browser of choice!

I heard from another user that this might be associated with either a pending Firefox update, or a pending Windows update.

The next time this happens for you guys, would you check to see if either of these is the case? (And then complete the update(s), and see if it is still an issue?)

I was on 73.x Firefox and it would present the download after several seconds.

I'm on 74.0 Firefox and literally click join and immediate exe download is presented.

I'm running FF 74.0 64-bit.  Same issue.  getting tedious having to re-download and install the client sfw each time.

Hope there's some news soon.



FF menu > Tools > Options > General > Applications > find guid-named exe (as content type) > set Action to "Use ScreenConnect".

This is similar to setting Outlook to launch when you click on a mailto link.

I have the same problem in chrome (for months). Yesterday I couldn't get any downloads to load as the Saveas dialog box was hidden behind chrome itself. Then when I realised and hit cancel I then got about 14 pops to download (as I had been trying to debug the issue and all the downloads were stacked up.

Anyone successfully got it work in chrome too?

Issue seems to have re-appeared in Firefox 78.0.1

Tried JOTT19's fix but that didn't work.

Same issue using Firefox Developer 79.0b5

This started about 2-3 weeks ago i use Firefox also for a reason no chrome. Kindly give this resolution ASAP!

Just got a new laptop for myself today.  It was working fine until I let Connectwise update my client app, now it's doing the same thing even though it currently works fine on my desktop and other machines.  This is ridiculous!

My Firefox went from bad to worse week before last.  Unable to authenticate to several firewalls I manage (not all, just some).  I purged FF from my system and re-installed it but also had to nuke a sqlite db that it somehow retained and then my firewall logins were all working.  CW is also now working for me.  FF Dev Ed is now 81.0b9 (64-bit)

Confirming Daniel's workaround works. Uninstall FF. Delete db. Install FF. No reboot.

(using FF account so everything syncs back)