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URI on Screenconnector and Forgot Password

Zinc 2 years ago updated by Tns 2 years ago 1

I run ConnectWise Control behind a reverse proxy but there are a couple things i have found that do not work.

1. Screenconnector seems to try and use the non proxy port (8040). If i have the "WebServerListenUri" key set to port 443 it and download the screenconnector again it will work.

2. the "Forgot Password" link that is sent in the email is also the "WebServerListenUri" key (domain.com:8040).

Can these be changed to use the "WebServerAddressableUri" key instead?

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I have the same problem with ScreenConnector. I run ScreenConnect on an Ubuntu server behind a Nginx reverse proxy.

I get the message "Unable to connect to the remote server". After reading Zinc's bug report, I decided to check the ip and remote port that ScreenConnector is trying to use. The IP is the right one (WebServerAddressableUri) but the port is 8040 which is the non proxy port (WebServerListenUri).

Here are the keys from my web.config

key="WebServerListenUri" value="http://+:8040/"

key="WebServerAddressableUri" value="https://support.MYDOMAIN.com"

Zinc, since you are also behind a reverse proxy, does the "External Accessibility Check" Passed or Failed on your setup? On mine, I get "Unrecognized server. Not ScreenConnect Web Server." for the Web Server.