Batch Audit Recording Downloader not working on 2019.0

Dany 3 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 1 year ago 14 5 duplicates

The Batch Audit Recording Downloader displays an error message: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden

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Thanks for the report. We're currently in the process of updating all extensions with executables for 19.0.

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Good catch, thanks for the report. We'll take a look at it.

Any chance you could incorporate the changes I suggested in the following thread as you fix this bug?



Thanks for the report. We're currently in the process of updating all extensions with executables for 19.0.

It submitted before I was ready.

Let me describe the issue here. After upgrading to version 19.0.23234.7027 when I test out the Quick support SOS.exe nothing happens when the user opens it and fills out the info and clicks the send button, it does not create a support session on my end on the website. 

Makes me Sad I need an entirely new EXE for 19. I have guest session starter exe's on every desktop i've supported since using screen connection (over 2 years) ... :(

Any ETA on when at least the SOS extension will be updated? It keeps auto grading me to 19 and I keep having to roll back because the SOS extension does not work. 

Have you tried version 1.0.1 of the extension? (Published yesterday.)

I'm not seeing it. It says the sos extension is up to date and says 1.0. I assume you are talking about "SOS Deployer"

My mistake - I had only uploaded it to the QA database. It should be available now.

Thank you, it updated now and connects fine on 19. I think I'm going to stick with the old version of screenconnect for now as I slowly replace the hundreds of guest session starter exe's on peoples desktops with the sos exe as people they call me for help, most people who I have helped in the past are accustom to just double-clicking a screenconnect icon on their desktop and clicking join. Kind of worries me that besides upgrading the extension I also had to have a new exe for it to work with 19. I don't really want to have to replace all of these exe's again for a long time. I'm not exactly sure how i'm going to keep straight who has the new sos and who still has the old screenconnect icon. It was always just assumed that If I connected to you before you have screenconnect icon. 

The guest session starter exe was a GREAT app because they didn't even have to enter any info in the box they just had to click the large join button. For old people it's sometimes really hard for them to even fill out a box, it worries me now that they are required to enter text in both the name and email address fields before it will let them click send.


A year later and this extension is still broken after the audit log schema change. A royal PITA to get any recorded session out of screenconnect. Nothing works, and the audit log filters are useless for viewing only recordings

Should be fixed soon. Extension executables got re-broken with 19.3, but now that all the known security stuff has been addressed, we're working on these again.

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