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Blank Screen on connect on LTSC

Dan R 3 years ago updated by Simon 1 year ago 5

We have deployed some kiosks with Win10 LTSC (2019). When remote connecting to these kiosks the display for the Tech is blank until the tech clicks on the screen. Mouse movements and keyboard work correctly, but do not disable the blank screen, only clicking the mouse or blanking/unblanking the guest screen shows the guest screen to the host. This bug happens every time you connect to the affected guest machine, closing the control window and immediately reconnecting to the same guest results in blank screen. I believe that it may be related to running Chrome in --kiosk mode as closing Chrome on the affected machine and rejoining the session does not blank the screen and restarting Chrome in --kiosk mode exhibits the same behavior.

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I haven't managed to replicate this so far. Could you post the specs of the kiosks? (Mainly interested in the GPU.)

Could you also try disabling hardware acceleration in Chrome and seeing if that resolves the issue?


All but one are 5th Gen Intel NUCs (NUC5i5RYK), one is a 4th Gen (D54250WY). 5th Gens have Intel HD 6000 graphics, the 4th Gen has HD 5000.

Disabling the hardware acceleration in Chrome does indeed fix that. Thanks for that tip. I'm happy to have a work around, any idea if this issue will get patched in future releases or am I just an oddball and just add the extra step to all my kiosks going forward?

Glad that worked out. We're tracking a couple of different issues with screen capturing on GPUs like these, but I can't say for sure when we'll have them all fixed. I don't like to recommend an extra step, but is probably best to disable hardware acceleration for now.

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