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Internal Server Error on Linux

eric 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 6

All releases newer than 19.0.22971.7016 will not load the main panels on Linux server. V19.0.22971.7016 is currently installed now and occasionally throws an internal server error, but the system is usable. If any newer version is loaded, the three main panels have spinning progress icons that never finish loading. The admin and extensions pages are accessible, but the main screens will not load. I have tried removing all extensions and the error persists.

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I don't see the same behavior on my Linux installation. Do you see any error messages in the browser console?

(Edit: any error messages while running the latest version, that is)

What do you mean by "browser console"? On my browser window? If so, no, just the spinning icons. Running Ubuntu 18.10 x64.

The Developer console. Not sure what browser you're using, but typing shift + F12 should bring it up in Firefox. If you then click on the Console tab, it should display any JavaScript errors that might be occurring, which could help us track down the problem.

I will install the latest version shortly and report back. I am also wondering if I should just start from scratch and move over configs. I have used SC self hosted since 2015 and applied all updates. Might be time for a cleanup. What is your recommended process for that to keep all my server and client settings, but start from a fresh install?

That has resolved the issue! V19.0.23234.7026 installed and running. 

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