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Mouse pointer size inconsistant

Dominic DeFiore 3 years ago updated by Joel Frost 2 years ago 3

Good Morning,

When connecting to a Surface Book 2 (or possibly any computer with a ultra high display) the mouse cursor is too large during certain tasks. Please see example. Other programs where precision is required when clicking is difficult because you don't know where you're actually clicking. Can there be an option to change the zoom on this cursor?

This seems to happen because I'm at about 50% zoom which is making the cursor bigger, but this particular cursor appears to be way too big.

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Is the hand cursor larger in the Control window than it is in other contexts on the host?

(If so, then I think this is more of a feature request than a bug. Let me know if I've misunderstood.)

Sorry I didn't see this - yes the 'hand cursor' appears to be significantly larger in the Control Window than it is on the host. For reference the screenshot above is scaled 50%, because the guest is a SurfaceBook with a super high resolution screen and the Host has a 1920*1080 screen.

The 'normal' mouse cursor is also larger on the Control Window, during this scaling, but it appears proportionally correct, whereas the "hand" cursor is just way larger.

Is there any update on this? I'm using ConnectWise Control from my iMac to remote into my work PC, but within the software on my PC, the cursor is magnified too big. And when I select or click, the location is off from what I appear to be selecting... Any help would be greatly appreciated.