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copy/paste causes screen connect to stop responding for up-to 10 min before becoming active again

Advanced Installations A 2 Z 2 years ago updated by ssheth 2 years ago 2

on several diffrent systems cut and paste on the local computer or to a intranet connected pc, 

once files have been selected and copyed the remote software stops responding for up-to 10 min. 

also when i have 2+ Remote sessons going if one stops responding all together then i have to close

all the sessions.  If i use task manager to close screen connect the entire system crashes - sometimes it comes back but rarely, so you have to RDP in and restart the entire server, then stop and restart the sc web server and connection agent. The system im using is a brand new intel i7 32gb ddr4 1tb ssd win 10 pro fully updated

server is self hosted with 500/50 mbps  connection 

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Waiting for information

To help with replication, please provide a bit more information:

What is the server OS?

What is the OS of the affected guest machines?

Does the behavior occur with any number of files? Does file size make any difference?

Is there any antivirus software running on the Host or Guest?

I narrowed it down to runaway wmiprvse processes and had them diagnose it. They seem to have resolved it in the preproduction test builds up now.