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Connectwise Control User 3 years ago updated by Camelot One 2 years ago 18

Any idea when the user forums will finally be coming out of maintenance mode?  They've been down for over 2 weeks now :(

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Known issue

They're back up in read-only mode, although some posts are missing.

Also interested in this - any ETR?

Known issue

They're back up in read-only mode, although some posts are missing.


It will be great to know when this gets straightened out. As we want to starting poking around with the 2019 release and reporting back issue. I can't see the issues qualifying as bugs when it's a pre-release version. Should we reach out through the normal channels? I wouldn't imagine so.

We're getting ready to move to a new platform for the product forum. In the meantime, contacting support and/or checking in here (UserEcho) are the best ways to report and discuss bugs.


I'm not sure if the move was planned or an unplanned failure that forced your hand, but lack of communication and taking down a community forum for weeks is not the best way to keep a community going.


We're going on 4 weeks without an update and the basic death of the forum community. When can we expect a plan?

I'm annoyed that that three pre-release versions of v19.0 have already been made available and yet I can't find the notes for them in the Output Stream.

agree . taken the forum down has been a mess .  very unprofessional the way it was handled .

could at least be posting someone for people 

Without the forums, how should we go about getting support/reporting bugs with extensions?

Hi All,

The new forum has been set up but we're still slowly on-boarding users. Please email pm@screenconnect.com with your Company name and cloud account administrator email to get set up. The previous forum is still up in read-only mode as an archive.

On-prem users, please send whatever account email is connected with your ConnectWise account. 

Also, please note that this forum is not available for Free users. 


I'm not super happy about hiding the forums behind lots of layers of access. That's less of a community and more of a walled garden.

hi Caitlin,

i'm an On-Prem user, but have no ConnectWise account. Wasn't necessary till now it seems. Where to get that?


Hi Georg, 

There should be an email associated with your license. On your Control instance, the Admin tab should have the email that is associated with your license. Please include that email in your response to pm@screenconnect.com

Hi Caitlin,

there is only the company name, some numbers, issued, 15 concurrent sessions. no email address

Ah ok -- in that case, please email in at pm@screenconnect.com and we'll figure it out with you!

I sent an email to this address over a month ago and never received a response. I've been paying for SC for over 5 years. Maybe you should just give me the email address for your legal department.


I am pretty good at rolling with the punches. I understand things happen and sometimes change is inevitable.

But from the sudden and unexplained death of what they are now calling "the legacy forum", and continuing to leave an entire community of knowledgeable users in limbo MONTHS later, to a secret pay-walled replacement site mentioned only in a bug report thread, all new forum staff, no sub-forums, no representation on staff-built extensions, etc, all indications thus far suggest someone at ConnectWise is going out of their way to make sure the new "University" forum is as useless as possible.
I just assumed that also meant excluding the most helpful contributors such as yourself.

By the way, you should probably create your own archive of the useful info from the old site while you still can. This message is at the top of the "University" forum:
If you're looking for a discussion thread on the legacy ConnectWise Control forum, you can find
the archive here: http://controlforum.connectwise.com. The archive will be available until October 1, 2019.

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