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Controlling windows from a mac and switch screens causes issues (when using CMD + TAB)

BrettGus 3 years ago updated by vcayenne 1 year ago 2

When I'm on my mac and connected to a windows client, often I will Cmd + Tab to switch between my Mac OS desktop application and Screen Connect.  What seems to happen is when I switch from Screenconnect back to a Mac app by hitting Cmd + Tab, when I come back to screenconnect, windows still thinks the command key (which is equivalent to the windows key) is held down.  So, when you try to type, the behavior will be erratic.  As you type characters, some of them (that have windows key associations) will do things to you which you're not expecting.  This has been happening to me for years, and is very very annoying.

What I assume is happening, is that when you hit Cmd + Tab when in screen connect to switch to another mac app, that it send the windowskey_keypress_down command or whatever to windows.  However, when you switch to another mac app, it never gets a chance to tell the screenconnect client to release the keypress.

With as often as I use application switching like this, it really makes screenconnect basically unusable for me on the mac.

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Thanks for the report; this issue is registered.

I, like Brett, have had this problem for years. Even moving to the current version of ConnectWise/ScreenConnect it still persists. It does make the product near-unusable as the host client stays in that condition sometimes after I've left the support session. This leaves the user with a problem, one that many an unsophisticated user balks at, saying that "support" has broken their machine. Sigh. Any hope on getting a fix?