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iOAs Control app returns inaccurate results

lbelue 3 years ago 0

I'm using the self-supported host version 6.9.21691, which I recently upgraded to from an earlier version, on a Windows 10 computer. I also use the iOS Control app. My host computer boots at 4:50 AM. The Access machines I monitor boot at 5 AM. My iPAd is an Air 2 with iOS 12.1.4 installed.

When I run the Audit using the iOS app and its date picker, I get different results than I do when running the Audit from my computer. I just ran a check for events between 2/20/19 10:18 AM to 2/20/19 4:18 PM.

The iOS app returned events from 5:20 AM to10:46 AM. The computer based Audit returned events from 10:19 AM to 3:34 PM- the correct results/time frame.

The next day, I ran a second Audit from 5 AM to 8:20 AM on the computer, and it showed correct results.

On my iPad, using the same time parameters, the Audit showed no results. However, I then changed the ending time from 8:20 AM today to 8:20 AM tomorrow, and I got the same results as my desktop computer. it looks like the iOS app is one day off in it's date calculations.


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