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Wallpaper/Background not properly restored

MartinT 3 years ago updated by Derek Howard 2 years ago 2

Although there are multiple topics on similar items (1, 2, 3, 4,), none of these cover this new bug our users caught.

Guest (and host) OS is Windows 10.

Guest has a multi-monitor setup. Tested from 2 to 5 monitors attached. Using the native windows different wallpaper on each screen option, when connecting wallpaper is blanked. When disconnecting, only 1 screen returns wallpaper. If the same wallpaper is used on each screen, then issue does not occur on the same client.

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Good catch, thanks. I've registered the issue and sent it to development.

Similar issue over here. If different wallpapers are set per screen, the wallpaper that was on screen 1 is restored to all screens upon disconnect.