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Remote printers do not remove themselves after session disconnect.

Ponce Sailing Center 3 years ago updated by Melissa Fifield 2 years ago 9

I noticed that remote printers get created for all my printers, but when I disconnect the session only the remote printers belonging to physical printers get automatically removed and the ones belonging to virtual printers (Microsoft XPS Document Writer, Microsoft Print to PDF, Send to OneNote 2016, etc...) remain.  Eventually I end up with dozens of remote virtual printers which I have to manually remove.

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Can you confirm the version of the guest client on the system where printers are getting left behind? There are other circumstances under which printers can be left behind in 6.9 (ex. if the user logs off and then logs back in as another user), but they should be getting removed upon a regular disconnection.

(You may want to contact support so we can see if there is anything else going on that might be causing this.)

Guest version is the same as the host (6.9.21870.6964)

No login or logouts or anything out of an ordinary remote connection.  I even connected for just a minute and then closed the session to see if the problem had gone away, but it didn't.

This is the free version so no support option for me I guess.

This same thing is happening to me.  I even reset the user computer to factory settings and reloaded all software.  Everything was fine until I connected to her computer again for the first time.  Now her virtual printers are duplicated and her print spooler won't stay up.

Is the guest machine running Avast/AVG? We noticed recently that those products seem to interfere with printer redirection, crashing the spooler just like you saw. Simply uninstalling those has resolved the issue in a couple of cases.

(If you are using one of those, could you tell me the version and which OS you're running it on? I'm trying to get my own replication going.)

Yes, they are running AVG.  Is there a change in AVG I can make?  I removed the screenconnect software, deleted the duplicated virtual printers, restarted her print spooler, and everything is now working fine.  Of course, I don't like this for a permanent solution. Do I need to go to the paid version to solve this problem?  It only started within the last 2 weeks.  Before that, there were no problems.  So....It could be a change in AVG or screenconnect.

Sorry, I forgot to give you the other information you requested.  Operating system is Windows 10 64 bit.  Would this be the version? 


Sorry, I meant which version of AVG.

I am having the same problem- it can take me up to 20 minutes to print one little document at times- this is really killing my productivity as I have to go through this process everytime I re-connect to Connectwise (which is about 10 times a day). Any help available to remedy this situation would be extremely helpful. 

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