Control app on Samsung tablet does not save unattended access settings after reboot

Austin S 3 years ago updated by f.giugliano 2 years ago 7

I am trying to use the Control app on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A running Android version 8.1.0.  I am able to install the app, configure unattended access and connect to the tablet through the portal without issue.  When the tablet is rebooted, the unattended access setting are removed.  

Through my own troubleshooting, I enabled the storage permission for the Control app and rebooted.  This time the unattended access settings stuck around.  That being said, I had to manually open the app to regain a connection.  Even with the storage permission enabled, the tablet took more than 5 minutes to become accessible in the portal.

I worked with Michael L on your support team.  He was able to replicate the issue on his own tablet.  He provided a case number to reference in this post, #11460745.  

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Thanks for the report. This issue is registered and in development's queue.


Any update on this issue?  The ability to remotely support Samsung devices is why we purchased the software in the first place.  This is advertised as a feature of this solution but it does not work.  Very misleading...  


The fix is currently in QA's queue, but I don't have an exact release date yet.

Is there an update on this?


I would also like an update it is a major issue for us here since we are buying tons of TAB A and are relying on this software to manage them all around north america


Fixed in 19.1.23485

Initial testing... 

Starts on boot... check

Doesn't crash on boot... check

Connects on boot... check

Will test further. Thank you!

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