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Android Client Error - Blackberry Motion

Georg Leitner 3 years ago updated by Eric Davis 3 years ago 3

we have blackberry motion devices now and with them we cannot open an access session (we only have access sessions). If i try to enter a session i get following error:

Waiting to retry...

An error occured connecting to your session. This will wait a few seconds before trying again. Error: Unexpected count of bytes written from cryptography operation.

with the old devices - Moto G4 and Nexus 5X we did not have problems. Also there is no firewall or whatever involved, as i'm directly in the network with the device. 

ConnectWise Control Version:
Server Affected:
Host Client Affected:
Guest Client Affected:
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Were you using the same version of the app on the old devices that you are on the new ones? Could you post the version(s) that you're using?

Nexus 5X & Blackberry Motion both run Android 8.1

Nexus 5X - 18.3.19637.6809 --> working

Blackberry Motion - 18.4.20577.6870 --> not working

updated Nexus 5X to 18.4.20577.6870 --> working

uninstalled connectwise control on both devices and installed the Screenconnect.apk from server BIN directory:


Nexus 5X --> gets a connetion but no screen

Blackberry Motion --> getting only a black screen, no errors and also no mouse or toolbars.

Waiting for information

Thanks for the detail. The issue has been registered and entered into the development queue, however I don't have an ETA at this time.

(Edit) I'm going to leave the status as "Waiting for information" for visibility, in case the issue appears on other devices.