6.9.21027.6898 Client not compatible with Server 2003

T Stine 3 years ago updated by Eric Davis 3 years ago 22

The Host is greeted with a grey screen when attempting to connect to a 2003 server.

Last known working version: 6.8.20124.6845

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This should be fixed in the latest 6.9 release. Please let us know if there are still any issues.



This is happening to me too. Upon logging in via RDP I was greeted with this error that keeps coming up:

Reporting queued error: faulting application ScreenConnect.WindowsClient.exe, version 6.9.21027.6898, faulting module kernel32.dll, version 5.2.3790.5295, fault address 0x0000bf93.

Should have checked this forum before updating... Too late. Without access to a lot of servers. 

T Stine, did you downgrade to 6.8.20124.6845?

Are there any steps I should follow?


Sorry, I don't know how to go about downgrading the server version. It is worth noting your CWC server can still run the newest version so long as the version installed on the 2003 client is 6.8.20124.6845 or earlier. If you have an installer for the older version it will still work, however, the installer had to be created before updating the CWC server.


 Apologies for the trouble. This is a known issue and a fix is in development.

Me too. I'm on version 6.9.20991.6893

I get the same error as Kevin when accessing via RDP.  Any ETA on this?  I have several 2003 servers I can't easily access.

Same grey screen here. We need this fixed asap.

Same on 6.9.21027.6898

Same problem with 6.9.21027.6898


Same problem here as well. Our workaround was to install an old version of the client on the affected systems (if you happen to have one laying about that is!)


Any updates on this?  We had to uninstall on all 2003 servers.  In one case the continuous crashing of the server caused resource exhaustion and crashed the server.

Same for me. I ended up finding an older msi I had of the client and installed that. I had to turn off automatic updates which is annoying for all other systems but at least I can still work with it this way.

It isn't good that this hasn't been fixed yet (we're at 4+ weeks now) but I also realize Server 2003 has been EOL for a long time and isn't on the official supported OS list. Hopefully we get a proper fix soon.

I thought about doing the same as you did but figured this would be fixed quickly.  We also have other monitoring software for these machines but its annoying.  Even though its EOL its a plus to have SC work on it since we all have legacy systems we have to support until we can get the clients to transition.

Apologies for the delay. We've bumped up the priority of this issue in response to these additional reports.

We are also having this problem with our on-prem server. Looking forward to getting this resolved.



Not working on 5 servers when will we see a fix.

This is upsetting especially shortly after ConnectWise has taken over.  This is two months now and only just a week ago they "bumped up the priority"!  How about this is the priority since you broke it.


I have just deployed ScreenConnect_6.9.21415.6941_Debug from 1/2/2019 and problem seems to be fixed.


This should be fixed in the latest 6.9 release. Please let us know if there are still any issues.


This update isn't available when trying to upgrade via Connectwise Automate / solution center.

Thanks a million Eric

This update is a pre release and should not be deployed in production as recommended by Connectwise. I am using ScreenConnect Control with an on premise server.

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