Client 6.8 - some unattended clients refusing to restart or shutdown

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Tends to affect XP clients, but have had W10s.

The W10s tend to settle after a reinstall of the client. The XPSP3 boxes need to be uninstalled and an earlier client installed.

Ending the process in task manager allows shut down or restart, but we cant end the process and initiate a shut down remotely.

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The issue with XP is registered and in the queue, but this is the first report I've heard of it happening on Windows 10.

On those machines, does the issue happen again after the reinstall?

No, the affected W10 machines have been fine after a push reinstall - only a handful, maybe coincidence.

Thanks for advising the XP issue is in the queue.

Is there an update to this?  None of our XP units will perform their nightly reboot due to this Connect version.  They are programmed to reboot nightly, when we shut off this feature from our application, the units continue to run properly.  Thanks, any update would be appreciated.

Development is currently working on the XP issue, but I can't provide a release date at this time.

We experience this issue on Windows XP and 2003 machines after updating to 6.8.  Will this issue be resolved soon or can any insight be provided on whether a fix will be implemented?

A fix is currently in development, but I do not have a release date yet.

Any fix for XP? Thank you!

Our XP clients went back to normal with v. 6.9.21691.6956.

And when is possible to upgrade?

This issue is happening with all of our Windows Servers (2012 & 2016) machines. We cannot sign out, restart or shutdown the machines. The machines just go to a lock screen and it takes a very long time for SC to refresh and show us the lock page.

We really need to have this fixed, we have no way for our staff to logoff servers when they're done working on them. The servers stay locked and therefore don't get updates properly or reboot for scheduled tasks.

We're running version 6.8.20124.6845 and have about 330 Windows Servers added.
Windows 10 machines are also having the same issue.
I have not tested windows 7 machines yet.

Easy to reproduce:

Instructions for windows 2012:

Logon to a windows server, push the ctrl-alt-delete button in ScreenConnect. Then in the top right or bottom right of the screen click the username then click sign out. The screen will then lock rather than signing you out. The machine will also not reboot or shutdown when pushing those buttons on screen.

I think the issue you describe on Windows 2012/2016 machines is different (see this thread: https://control.product.connectwise.com/communities/6/topics/2010-logging-off-of-accounts-locks-the-computer-instead).

A fix for this is currently in review.


(Late status update - fixed in 6.9.)

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