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Invite via email not working

Andy Liew 3 years ago updated by Sam Segura 3 months ago 1

When create new session, trying to send invite via email tab on the host not going anywhere.

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Solved (kinda).  It has to do with the email settings on your instance. 

I was given these instructions after opening a support request. They did have to remove my instance's IP address from an RBL list (www.abusix.ai). Apparently, the default email delivery was sent "anonymously". Not sure how their SMTP gateway got away with that for so many years. I suggested to them to use a subdomain similar to how they set up our cloud account web host page.

Since the first option will NEVER work (the default settings) here is:


Create gmail account

Enable less access


Immediately set up ScreenConnect email... Admin... Mail... Mail Configuration

Send from server through an SMTP Relay server: smtp.gmail.com
Port: 587
Use SSL: Checked

Use email account credentials: Your gmail address and password
Default from address: Your gmail address