Logging off of accounts locks the computer, instead

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From host to guest, on my Mac in particular, clicking log off in Windows almost always locks the screen, instead. This wasn't happening on 6.8. I updated my host client and the behavior persists. This makes it nearly impossible to remote in, reliably, as I can't log out of user accounts.

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There were some complications that kept the fix out of 6.9, but we are planning to include it in 7.0. Apologies for the trouble in the meantime.

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Which versions of OSX and Windows are you using? I've tried a few log off cycles using one of our Macs connecting into Win 10, but so far it works as expected.

Hi Eric,

 I'm running macOS 10.14. I just remoted into two computers, one running Server 2012 R2 and one running Server 2016. On Server 2016, it doesn't consistently show me whether or not it logged off. The screen is locked until I close and reconnect. Fortunately, it's at least logged out of the user account. In Server 2012 R2, I login, click on start, click on my name and log off. This locks the screen. I actually have to run 'shutdown /l' in command line to really log off.

Attached is a gif of what's going on. This happens on multiple different servers so I don't believe it's isolated.

I haven't managed to replicate this yet. Do you have physical access to any of the problem machines to confirm if it is a problem with Control? (I know you said it started happening after an upgrade, but is it possible that there were other changes to the guest systems around the same time?)

Also, does it still happen if you remote in from Windows?


I received another report of this issue through support. It looks like the cause (at least on Windows 2012) is the AccessLockMachineOnDisconnect setting. I've registered it as a defect and sent it over to development.

Sorry, I didn't see this reply. I'm also seeing this remoting in from a Windows computer. Thanks for registering the issue!



We have this issue happening on 2000+ machines. We’ve updated to the latest version of SC server but it’s still happening. The exact same issue as shown in the video.

We are connecting from Windows 10 machines to machines in SC access which are Win 10, 7 and all versions of server, 2012 2012 R2, 2016.

We really need this fixed as the machines won’t logout so they stay locked and then don’t restart for  updates.

Support was not able to assist us, they said it was a known issue and would be fixed in the next realsase. That release just came out and it didn’t fix it.


I can confirm that this is still happening in 6.9. This is a pretty major issue. It's just far to easy to forget to use 'shutdown /l' so at some point, updates are going to happen in the middle of the day and clients aren't going to be happy.

Yes....this is a pretty big issue for us, too. Unfortunately, I remember this same thing happening to another version of ScreenConnect before, so you would think that the fix would be rather quick since they figured out the bug in that version, too.


There were some complications that kept the fix out of 6.9, but we are planning to include it in 7.0. Apologies for the trouble in the meantime.

Hi Eric,

This is a real issue and we really need a fix. It doesn't seem like you are taking this seriously. When can we expect 7.0 to be released with the fix for this? I'm not one to complain but this is making it challenging to provide services to clients.


Guys, this is crazy. It's been 3 months and we can't reliably log out of our computers.

I just received an update from the support manager regarding the ticket I have open with them about this. I really hope they actually release it in a couple weeks.


Hey Jason,

The fix is going to be in 7.0. I just talked to Development team and pre-release for 7.0 will be in a couple weeks...if all goes well and there aren't any issues with it.

I would monitor the output stream and be ready for it!

Drew Avery
Manager, Support Services

Hi Eric,

Is the plan still to have a pre-release of 7.0 with a fix available out next week?


The next version is still in the works at the moment, so I can't provide an exact release date yet.


(Late status update - fixed in 19.0)

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