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Waiting on available license after upgrade to MAC OS X 14

JeffS 3 years ago updated by Eric Davis 3 years ago 3

Everything was working perfect.. for the last 2 years.  We upgraded our Mac's to OS X 14.  The upgrade kicked out the control plugin in the security / privacy panel.  Even after allowing it again, the ConnectWise Control is paused waiting for an available license.  This affects both the Host and the Client after upgrading the MAC OS.  Reboot and reinstall of ConnectWise app does not resolve the issue.  No Host or clients are active.

ConnectWise Control Version:
Server Affected:
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Guest Client Affected:
Waiting for information

To clarify, both guest and host are Macs that have been upgraded, along with your server?

Also, have you already contacted support? (This forum is mainly for bug prioritization.)

The server is a Mac Mini running the latest OS X now.  The Server is the client.  The Host is my laptop (macbook pro) also running the latest MAC OS X.  The issue occurred post upgrade.  I am no longer able to utilize this software as it has stopped working with the latest MAC OS X.  This looks like a bug to me, but if someone should want to troubleshoot the issue with me, I would be happy to assist.

If you're sure you're not actually exceeding your license, I'd recommend contacting support: