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windows 10 calculator issues

Mauricio Salazar 3 years ago updated by James B 6 months ago 5
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When using the windows 10 calculator app and connected remotely via Connectwise Control, the decimal dot does not work using the numpad, it works as a "delete/clear" or "C" in the calculator. You have to use the period on the "qwerty" side of the keyboard.

Waiting for information

It sounds like Num Lock isn't active on the guest.Try pressing it and see if that corrects the behavior.

That is not the case, I've tried Num Lock on and off and it still does not work, tried different keyboards and does not work. It happens in all of our clients/agents (at least on windows 10, I have not tested windows 7, we do not have many of those anymore)

This seems to be the first report of an issue like this, and I haven't managed to reproduce it.

If you haven't already, try contacting support: https://www.connectwise.com/services/support


Me and one other are able to reproduce this exact issue as Mauricio described in their first comment.

Using Windows 10's calculator app outside of Connectwise Control functions as expected (pressing the decimal key puts a decimal into the calculator).

When remoting into another PC using Connectwise and trying to use the calculator app, pressing the decimal button on the num-pad will clear the input entirely.