MacBundleDownload is not working on 6.7.19388.6796

Alexis M Gonzalez 3 years ago updated by Eric Davis 3 years ago 1

I installed version 6.7.19388.6796 on my Mac OS 10.13.6 machine running screenconnect server. When I try to access a remote session, I get a system dialog stating that there is no app available to open relay://my.correct.ip.address...

I see the SC going to the correct page where the app should be downloaded but it never starts to do so.

The only workaround I have to work right now is leaving the previous version client installed (6.6) and it automatically launches normally.

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We're sorry for the trouble. This is a known issue that development is actively working on. Check the Output Stream in the forum for release news: https://controlforum.connectwise.com/yaf_topics9_Output-Stream.aspx

(I'll also update here when a fix is available.)