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Ended sessions spontaneously reconnecting.

Welz 3 years ago updated by Scott Linak 3 years ago 3

I had ended most of my sessions in access so that we can re set up all the users.

However, I'm noticing random users spontaneously showing up in the list again, sometimes it's currently connected and I can Uninstall and End, some of them aren't connected, so I have to End only, but even after Ending I check the next day and it's back.

This hasn't been an issue for me at all throughout the year, I'm thinking it is a glitch caused by the new update.

I had even set my server maintenance (which runs daily) to delete ended session records older than 0 days - that hasn't helped. (Even if I ended a half hour before my maintenance ran)

Latest Version:6.6.18120.6697

ConnectWise Control Version:
Server Affected:
Host Client Affected:
Guest Client Affected:


Not a bug

Thanks for the confirmation!

Waiting for information

So when you End an Access session a few things happen.  First, the Client service on the remote machine is Stopped and then the Session is flagged as 'IsEnded' within the database and thus not listed on the Host page.  If the Client Service is restarted and attempts to connect to the server then the server sees that it's already been Ended and refuses the connection and the client service is stopped again. 

What's most likely happening is that throughout normal day to day activities the client service is starting (ie after a reboot) and since the record of the Session being Ended is deleted, the server is unaware and allows it to connect.  Does that sound plausible?

Ideally you would want to Uninstall the Guest client to remove the software and then End it to remove it's listing on the Host page.

Yes, that makes sense.

I had assumed it worked the other way around - if it was deleted it wouldn't pop up (which is why I set it to delete ended sessions right away).

Not a bug

Thanks for the confirmation!

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