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Session freezes when scrolling and cursor moves out of client window

Davison 3 years ago updated 1 year ago 5

If a scrolling action is occurring (via holding down left mouse button) and the mouse cursor moves outside of the host client window, the session locks up.  It becomes unresponsive (as though the entire client window has lost focus) until the window receives a mouse click to bring back "focus", at which point normal interaction can then resume.  This can be quite annoying especially since the scroll bar in a full screen window will always be right at the very edge of the client window making it difficult to not move the cursor out of the client window.

In addition, when the cursor leaves the client window while scrolling a "generic" icon appears in the task bar coinciding with the unresponsiveness, and this icon disappears when the window receives a mouse click that restores normal behavior.

This occurs in v6.6.18120.6697 (as well as all previous versions going back at least several years).  I'm happy to provide any additional information requested.

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I've reproduced the issue and registered it as a defect. Thanks for the report.

Any updates on this?

Still checking on this.  This behavior can be very frustrating when trying to scroll.

Known issue

I'm sorry to hear about the frustration, but I'm told this is due to our drag and drop logic and is working as intended.

Thanks for the update, and I'm not necessarily calling it a "bug".  It's just annoying behavior.  If the issue is caused by drag and drop logic it seems like it should be relatively easy to apply said logic only if a selected file was actually being dragged (not just because the cursor exits the client window with the left mouse button down).

Upon further examination, I would classify at least part of the behavior as a bug:

If a real drag and drop operation occurs the client window doesn't go into this extra-lost focus mode (requiring one click to bring back focus, and another to actually interact with the client).  Instead the window loses focus in the normal way, and a single click can simultaneously restore focus and perform an action (like selecting a file or a menu item).

However, if the left mouse button is held down and the cursor exits the client window without actually dragging a file then the window goes into this odd extra-lost focus.  It requires a click to restore basic focus to the client, and only then can any interaction occur.  It's like the client is trying to perform a drag and drop operation but the operation crashes since there is no file to drop, leaving the client in this odd state.

It would seem like all this could be avoided if there was simply a conditional check that a file was actually selected before running the drag and drop function.  For example, holding the right mouse button down and moving the cursor out of the window doesn't cause this strange behavior.

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