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macOS session.db corruption

Alexis M Gonzalez 3 years ago updated by Scott Linak 3 years ago 1

Since version 6, the macOS version of SC is very very prone to corrupting the Session.db file.  Every time a mac host is shut down incorrectly, and sometimes even when a restart is triggered by an app, when the mac restart the session.db will be corrupted.

I understand that improper shutdowns may corrupt data and should not happen, but I also think that something could be done to auto-repair or protect the session.db file.  The issue is so common in my case, that I opted to make an sh script to stop sc, delete the session.db file and restart the sc. I keep this on my desktop and have to run it 9/10 after a forced shutdown.

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Just to be clear for my testing when I attempt to replicate, basically anytime the services shut down whether that's cleanly or immediately, there's a very high chance for the database to become unreadable?

Is it also unreadable by a separate application such as sqlite.exe or any other sqlite browser?