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Host printers adding to client machines

David 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 3

When connected on a remote session the host's printer drivers are being added to the guest's machine.  The printers are not installed on the host computer only the drivers but it is appearing as an installed printer on the guest computer. Connectwise version 6.6.18120.6697

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To be clear where exactly do these Printers show up on the Host's machine?  Do they appear within Devices and Printers?

Do they appear within the Device Manager > Printers menu?

This forum post contains a .zip file which holds a single exe that when executed will list any printers pulled directly from the list of installed printers maintained by Windows.  Do the printers appear within the list created by this tool?

The appear within devices and printers.  It will say the "PRINTER NAME (username)" This only happens on sessions and not on machines that have Access installed on them, but it is happening for multiple people at our office when we log into client's machines and they are not removed once the session is closed.

When I run the tool the printers do appear there as well and these seem to be the ones getting added to the cleint's computers.