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6.6x losing groups randomly

Henry3 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

I am currently running 6.6.18120.6697 but even the last update I have been randomly been disconnected from a session, then I look and all users in that group are offline and it also disconnects a completely separate other group and vice versa, however all other groups are still up and I can connect.

Ex. I will connect to a computer in Group A and all is well then I lose connection and computers in that group and Group B (Completely separate company) go offline too. Groups C-Z all work fine. Same thing happens if I am connected to a computer in Group B, I lose connection and I check and all computers in Group A are offline, again C-Z are normal and functioning no problem

This happens on a daily basis. Only fix is to go into my server and reboot the Screenconnect Session Manager and then wait for them to come back online again.

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Thanks for reporting this issue.

Given the specific nature of the problem and the lack of additional reports I believe the best way to proceed with this issue is to open a ticket with our support team so that someone can take a direct look at the behavior.  You can create a new ticket or start a chat conversation with the following link: https://www.connectwise.com/services/support

So after doing some digging, I found one thing they have in common, they both have Untangle firewalls running, none of my other clients have them running, but the strange thing is the 2 different companies go offline at the same exact time