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Wallpaper does not change back when screenconnect is closed.

lkoss 3 years ago updated by James Monroe 3 months ago 4

When disconnecting from a client, their wallpaper remains black and they have to manually set it back. Using connectwise control version 2018.3

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Does the UnderControlBanner remain when the wallpaper has not reverted?

Against what Operating Systems are you seeing this behavior on the Guest machine(s)?

Does it happen everytime you disconnect?

Is the wallpaper set by GPO or anything similar?

As for the undercontrolbanner, I am unsure if that remains when the wallpaper is reverted. The guest machine was running Windows 10 Pro x64. The wallpaper is not set by a GPO or anything similar. It does happen everytime I disconnect.

I have been noticing this too but haven't yet found a pattern. I had begun to assume Windows logoff/restart might be a factor but I have also had reports of it happening when I have just closed the ScreenConnect session. 

Sometimes all I have to do is reconnect and disconnect again and the wallpaper comes back. The banner is disappearing normally according to my users so it isn't that ScreenConnect thinks I am still connected.

Edit: Windows 10 clients for me too and no GPO controlling the wallpaper.

Never liked resurrecting old threads, but don't like repeating new ones even more. 

We're running Client 12.9 and after settings a custom background and Lock screen image, then connecting via ConnectWise, it goes back to the default Windows 10 background image upon disconnecting. It takes a long time driving to Denver, then Detroit and finally Indianapolis just to make sure the background is set correctly ;) Would much rather be able to use a Remote app like ConnectWise. 

Anyone know how to fix this issue? Thanks!