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Waiting for an available license

raru 3 years ago 0

An old error seems to be back for me in the latest 6.6 version.

I only have one license and since updating to the latest version I am not able to connect to another guest for up to 5 minutes. The connection I just closed stays active and I only get the message "Waiting for an available license".

It occurs on support sessions as well as on access sessions.

In a former version there was an (x) at sessions so I could force termination manually but it seems to be gone now.

It´s very annoying and time consuming.

Server is on Windows 2012R2 Server

Host from which I perform remote access to sessions is on Windows 10 Enterprise (Firefox/Chrome used).

Is there something I can tweak to close sessions quicker?

Why did the button for forcing my connection to a session to close go?

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