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Client Access Session Reinstall Incomplete

FAB-ITRescue 3 years ago updated by Scott Linak 3 years ago 2

After Upgrading my Server 6.6.18120.6697, I rolled out a gradual manual reinstall, by selecting 5 to 10 connected clients at a time.  After completing a some 150, I find around 25 have uninstalled the previously installed client without installing the latest version.  Thus I have lost connection to the clients. These clients are various Windows 7 & 10 OS running SC 6.5.16479.6613, 6.6.17081.6648 & 6.6.17808.6681

In posting this I selected ConnectWise Control Version = Not Listed.  Your System recorded 2018.2 - which might mean something to you, but sure doesn't mean anything to me!

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Not the same Platform but I had the same issue on an OS X  running El Cap and Sierra.  Maybe hearing how I fixed it on a MAC can help you with the windows. Or help others who are on the Mac side. ....

step 1 Get a new build package ready for the Asset.

step 2 before running the client installer on the Asset I went into the Opt folder(where it stores the application for screenconnect) blow that away its pretty useless at this point.

step 3 GO to the library>launch agents and blow away the plist with title starting with screenconnect. (there should be 2)

step4 GO to the library>launch daemons and blow away the plist with title starting with screenconnect. (only 1)

Step 5 empty them from trash

step 6 run installer from client.

Im back up and running

Waiting for information

On the machines where the Reinstall failed, is it possible to pull a logfile from msiexec?  I don't believe verbose logging is enabled by default but it's certainly worth investigating.

Also, are there any potentially relevant errors within the Application log in the Event Viewer around the time the Reinstall was issued?