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Poynter 3 years ago updated by SR Smith 3 years ago 41

On access page other machines are being displayed in the preview window. These cycle through until the correct machine is shown. The wrong organisation name is also displayed.

When generating a new adhoc support session, a preview window appears before you can choose the session settings. 


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I have same problem with SC 6.6.17808.6681. Have to downgrade to 6.6.17081.6648.


Also having this after updating the server this morning.


Same issue here.

On-prem version 6.6.17808.6681


We are also experiencing this on 6.6.17808.6681 as well.  It also changes the invite code to a previous session.


Same issue here. Cycles between a number of sessions I've previously connected to. Happy to provide a video of this behavior in a private setting.


6.6.17808.6681 Same issue. Preview pane cycles through client info. Is there a guide to rolling back to a previous version?


Same deal here on cloud account.  6.6.17808.6681.  Constantly cycling guest screens.  

same problem contant flick or change of name or image on more on opera. more on google chrome on iexplorer and -~+ on firefox is very agress.... excuse me my english my language is french

Having the same issue on 6.6.17808.6681...firefox, chrome, IE

I'm having the same issue and am just logging in to the web interface with IE 11.

having the same issue with version 6.6.17808.6681 issue with the start tab and do not have the issue with general tab

We are also having this same issue.


Not to mention this problem also CLEARS whatever you are typing into on the messages tab right in-sync with the Guest Info Refresh variable. Ours is set low to 10 seconds. So you can type a message, and POOF cleared.


And what the hell is this shit about, honestly. You're COMPLETELY hindering our ability to work and causing serious data corruption as when you're typing and it's glitching around between sessions it's overwriting data. So CW you release and force an upgrade to our production environment and f us all over. Thanks. And those who have the agent upgrade automatically, which SHOULDN'T BE AN ISSUE since we're supposed to be STABLE, are screwed over because we can't downgrade. Why is a stable release CLEARLY not stable? And why can't cloud users just DISABLE auto-upgrade altogether or enable a DELAY for upgrades for x amount of days/weeks/months.


Thank you for reporting the issue and I apologize for the delay in adding an update.  Just to let everyone know this is a registered defect actively under investigation.  I do not have an ETA on when a fix will be found and implemented, but it is a high priority and we are working towards it.

I've been facing this issue since I upgraded to the latest so called stable version.

+1 to gil.pdo -- same issue for us too

We are seeing the same issue with 6.6.17808.6681, preview thumbnail jumping around and displaying various screen shots from other workstations

This should be fixed in 6.6.18120.6697

What about us cloud users?  I'm accessing with IE 11 and Firefox.  Still having this issue and it is annoying as hades!

it did not jump around on the General Tab - and you can install the screenshot extension if you need that on the general tab

So what you are telling me is "tough luck" use a different screen, is that correct?

ha - no , but it does suck. i like the general screen better for the information that gives me. but we have a on site server and i updated this morning.,

This doesn't address the issue with using the Support Screen.

If I have 3 support sessions open and waiting on users to get access to the Welcome page so I can give them a code, the screen jumps around and doesn't stay on the active session so when I am trying to give them a code, it changes screens and jumps around and messes up what I'm trying to tell my client?  Does that make sense?

Sorry, using the info tab does assist with this issue.

But I would really like for this to be fixed since the default screen is the Start screen for all new sessions

true they should fix it. just trying to give you a work around. the join code is on the general screen and you can install the extension "Add Screenshot to General Tab". we were not having the issue with the jumping around in the General Tab.

So you are not with ConnectWise?  Sorry, I thought you were one of their employees.

nope just a fellow user

Thanks for your help sir! 

6.6.18120.6697 is available on cloud. Here are instructions on upgrading outside of normal auto-update:https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Get_started/Cloud_management_portal/Instances_page/Upgrade_a_cloud_instance

If you are still having problems, please contact support

.6697 fixed this issue for me.  Thank god, the constant jump around was driving me crazy.  Thanks!

Wow Fast Thank You

I just downloaded what i thought would be a new version, but it appears to be 6.6.17808.6681.  Am I going to the wrong place for download?

HOW DO YOU CONTACT SUPPORT!?  I get stuck in this F$$$$$G loop that tells me to get a ticket before I can get help, but if I try to get help, I'm asked for a ticket #. WTH

is your server cloud based or local?

I thought cloud based, but how does one tell the difference?

Your domain.. if it ends in screenconnect.com, you are cloud based.

Cool then, confirmed, cloud based. and I'm upgrading now.  thanks

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