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Problems printing to remote printers in Sage 100 Accounting

Rob Battaglia 4 years ago 0

One of my clients is having a problem when trying to print to remote printers in Sage 100 Accounting.  Some printers are cutting off the right side of the print.  This does not happen with all printers as I have tested it with two different Dell printers.  A Dell 5330dn will cut off the right side while a Dell 3115cn will not.  I have also tried to print to a Xerox 6505dn and it will not even send the job to that printer.  If the user prints to a PDF all is fine.  I am having the users work around this issue by printing to the Microsoft Print to PDF driver which puts a PDF in their local documents folder.  But this is not the solution that is preferred long term.  The version that is current being use is 6.5.16479.6613.

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